Removing indentations in your carpet

IMG_2840We’ve been moving furniture around like crazy over here trying to get the baby’s room ready. And with that came several indentions in our carpet from where the old furniture was. My husband taught me this awesome trick of how to get the indentations to go away right away. Trust me it’s a lot better then rubbing those indentations with your toes whenever you walk by it (Don’t lie you know you do it!) or just having to look at it for the next month. 

So here’s what you do: Take an iron on low to medium heat with water in it. Wet a WHITE cloth (yes white is in bold for a reason. If you use a color cloth the color will leak onto your carpet) and place the cloth over the indent. Iron the indent  and then rub the carpet with the cloth. And Wolah the indent is gone.





Mason Jar Christmas gifts

I know it’s early to start thinking about Christmas, but I’m always behind and with a baby due in December, I figured I should get a head start on some projects. I recently started to sell Jamberry nails which are awesome nail decals that are non-toxic, gluten free and vegan and actually work and last.Continue Reading

Homemade Essential Oil Mix

I love using essential oils for many things, but sometimes it can be time consuming to mix the oil when you need it so I am a big fan of pre-mixing my oils. I sell items at the local farmers market and wanted to include selling essential oils, but  my product needed to be local.Continue Reading

Onion Time

Do you know what this means!? Sadly, it means my daughter is getting sick. It started today with a runny nose and I’m worried she will go down hill over night. (I really hope I don’t get woken up all night!) So in my family when you get sick we have our “protocol”. What isContinue Reading

Oatmeal Breakfast “Cookies’

I have to share my 2nd recipe that I took on my road trip to Cali. I constantly have this challenge in my home of making items that are gluten, free nut, free, dairy free etc. depending on which family member will be eating them. So first I made my home made granola bars but thoseContinue Reading

Free Printable Letter Banner

Do you see all those cute letter banners and wonder how to easily make one yourself!? Now you can. Print your free letter banner here. Below is a link to each letter of the alphabet. Reading

Printable Pantry labels

Have you been looking at your pantry and wanting to organize it and make it look nice and neat? Here are some free printable labels for your pantry!

30 week pregnancy appointment

I had my doctor appointment today and I am now 30 weeks pregnant. Everything went well, baby moving, measuring the correct size, no swelling, gaining weight (lucky for me!) But I do want to point out the difference of your regular MD appointment to me seeing a midwife/natural pathetic doctor. Today is the day thatContinue Reading

Follow me through my last trimester of pregnancy

I want to share everyone how I’m feeling and what I’m doing during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This is my 2nd pregnancy and it’s already been so different than my first. The baby sits lower and I’m been more sick for longer. I am more tired, but that’s a given when chasing around a toddler.Continue Reading

ChooMee Product Review

I’m so excited to share ChooMee with all you mammas out there who like the the convince of the pouches to feed your little ones, but you wouldn’t dare give them a pouch in the car! I remember back when Maddy was about 7 months old and I started giving her the pouches to eat.Continue Reading